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Winter 2016–17

Saturday 8 October

Understanding Georgian Monumental Sculpture: The Various Approaches of Scholars

Dr Matthew Craske, Reader in History of Art, Oxford Brookes University

Saturday 19 November

Who would be a Theatre Manager? York Race Week 1765

Ian Small, Chairman, York Georgian Society, and theatre historian

Saturday 3 December

Architecture and Social Life at Boynton Hall and York House, Malton, from the English Revolution to the French Revolution

Dr Adrian Green, Lecturer, Department of History, University of Durham

Saturday 14 January

Making Meanings: Interpreting the Decorative Plasterwork of Fairfax House, York

Dr Ralph Harrington, Researcher, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Saturday 11 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

The Changing Face of Stowe

Michael Bevington, Head of Classics, Stowe School

Saturday 11 March (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2017)

The Art of Depicting with a Soldier’s Eye: Paul Sandby and the Military Mapping of the Highlands

Dr Carolyn Anderson, freelance editor and researcher

Winter 2015–16

Saturday 10 October

The Servants’ Daily Round: Domestic Life at Lincoln’s Inn Fields

Sue Palmer FSA, Archivist and Head of Library Services, Sir John Soane’’s Museum, London, and author of At Home with the Soanes

Saturday 14 November

The Great Yorkshire Election of 1807

Edward Royle, Emeritus Professor of History, University of York

Saturday 5 December

Alexander Nasmyth, 1758–1840, Polymath: Painter, Architect, Engineer and Designer

Dr Patricia Andrew FSA, National Galleries of Scotland lecturer and former Deputy Director, Scottish Museums Council

Saturday 9 January

Women Printmakers in late Georgian England

David Alexander, Honorary Keeper of British Prints, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Saturday 13 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

Forbidden Fruits: French Silks in eighteenth-century Britain

Dr Lesley Miller, Senior Curator, Textiles and Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum, London, and Professor of Dress and Textile History, University of Glasgow

Saturday 12 March (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2016)

A Noble Prospect: Capability Brown and the Yorkshire Landscape

Karen Lynch, researcher and curator of the Capability Brown exhibition at the Mercer Art Gallery, Harrogate,
June–September 2016

Winter 2014–15

Saturday 18 October

Wentworth Woodhouse

Dan Cruickshank, architectural historian and well-known television presenter

Saturday 8 November

French Tapestry and Britain 1689–1789

Helen Wyld, Curator, National Trust for Scotland

Saturday 6 December

Clubbing and Toasting in Georgian Britain

Judith Hawley, Professor of Eighteenth-Century Literature, Royal Holloway, University of London

Saturday 10 January

Dick Turpin: Reality and Myth

James Sharpe, Professor of Early Modern History, University of York

Saturday 14 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

Georgian Gothic

Dr John Goodall, Architectural Editor, Country Life

Saturday 14 March (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2015)

A real-life Mr Darcy: Colonel Hervey Aston (1759–1798)

Robert Latter, military historian

Winter 2013–14

Saturday 19 October

Prince Pückler-Muskau: A German Visitor to Regency England

Dr Peter James Bowman, author of The Fortune Hunter: A German Prince in Regency England

Saturday 9 November

The Boydell Shakespeare Gallery: Failure and Success

Paul Lewis, independent scholar

Saturday 7 December

The Carrying Trade in England in the Long Eighteenth Century

Carolyn Dougherty, civil engineer and winner of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2012

Saturday 11 January

Horse Racing in Georgian Yorkshire

Dr David Wilkinson, author of Early Horse Racing in Yorkshire and the Origins of the Thoroughbred

Saturday 15 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

William Kent (1685–1748): Designing Georgian Britain

Julius Bryant FSA, Keeper of Word and Image, Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Saturday 8 March (provisionally following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2014)

Lord Raby and his Silver Cistern: His Excellency’s Perquisite

James Lomax FSA, Curator Emeritus, Temple Newsam House (Leeds Museums and Galleries)

Winter 2012–13

Saturday 13 October

Chinese Porcelain and Georgian Drinking: Export Porcelain Mugs and Tankards

Rose Kerr, former Head of the Far Eastern Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Saturday 10 November

Captain Cook and his Artists: Reporting and Recording Exploration

Sophie Forgan, Chairman, Captain Cook Memorial Museum, Whitby

Saturday 8 December

Fashionables: London's Beau Monde in the Eighteenth Century

Dr Hannah Greig, Lecturer in Early Modern History, Department of History, University of York

Saturday 12 January

‘Mark ye the floore?’: Grounding the Classical in Beverley and York Minsters

Dr Ann-Marie Akehurst, Research Associate, Department of History of Art, University of York

Saturday 2 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

The Strange Genius of Sir John Soane

Tim Knox FSA, Director, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London

Saturday 9 March (provisionally following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2013)

Beyond Capability Brown: New Ways of Thinking about Georgian Landscapes?

Professor Tom Williamson, Head of the Landscape Group, School of History, University of East Anglia

Winter 2011–12

Saturday 8 October (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2011)

Grand Tour Journeys from the North of England 1700–1840

Anne French, art historian and author of Art Treasures in the North: Northern Families on the Grand Tour

Saturday 12 November

‘Feeding Desire’: Tools of the Table

Philippa Glanville, FSA, social historian, liveryman of the Goldsmiths’ Company and Master 2011–12 of the Company of Arts Scholars, Dealers and Collectors

Saturday 3 December

Nostell Priory: Introducing a Georgian House and a Yorkshire Family

Frances Sands, Catalogue Editor, Adam Drawings Project, Sir John Soane’s Museum, London, and winner of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2010

Saturday 14 January

Tate Wilkinson’s ‘Monarchy’: The Yorkshire Theatre Circuit 1766–1803

Ian Small, research student, University of York, and former Headmaster of Bootham School

Saturday 18 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

‘It will quite eclipse Napoleon’: The Prince Regent on seeing John Nash’s Plans for London in 1811

David Watkin, Hon. FRIBA, FSA, Emeritus Fellow of Peterhouse and Emeritus Professor of the History of Architecture, University of Cambridge

Please note the above date is one week later than previously announced.

Saturday 10 March (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2012)

How to get ahead in Business: James ‘Athenian’ Stuart as Painter and Architect in eighteenth-century London

Dr Kerry Bristol, Senior Lecturer and Director, Centre for Architecture and Material Culture, School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Winter 2010–11

Saturday 9 October

From Lely to Lawrence: The Artist as Collector of Drawings

Crispian Riley-Smith, dealer in master drawings

Saturday 13 November

Dumfries House and its Furniture Collection

Charlotte Rostek, Curator, Dumfries House, Ayrshire

Saturday 4 December

The Abolition of Climbing Boys: Chimney Sweeps’ Apprentices in Georgian Britain

Niels van Manen, University of York, winner of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2009

Saturday 8 January

Katterfelto: Showman, Scientist and Balloonist, or Charlatan, Magician and Quack?

David Paton-Williams, author of Katterfelto: Prince of Puff

Saturday 12 February (following the AGM)

Johan Zoffany: A German Artist in Georgian England

Dr Martin Postle, Assistant Director for Academic Activities, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London

Saturday 19 March (following presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2011)

The Lunar Society of Birmingham

Diana Perowne, guide-lecturer at Soho House, Birmingham

Winter 2009–10

Saturday 10 October

Use and Ornament: Bath Houses in English Gardens and Parks 1688–1815

Susan Kellerman, Garden History Researcher

Saturday 14 November

Sydney Smith: Regency Radical, Reformer and Wit

Graham Parry, Emeritus Professor of English, University of York

Saturday 12 December (Seventieth Anniversary Lecture)

Early Years of the York Georgian Society: Preservation, Education, Betterment and Design

Dr Katherine Webb, Borthwick Institute for Archives, University of York

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Saturday 9 January

The British Army of Georgian England

Dr Alastair Massie, Head of the Department of Archives, National Army Museum, London

Saturday 6 February (following the Annual General Meeting)

Edinburgh’s Skating Minister: A Sporting Picture or a Cultural Icon?

Dr Stephen Lloyd, Art Historian / Chair ICFA (ICOM)

Saturday 20 March (following the presentation of the Patrick Nuttgens Award 2010)

‘The Wonder of the North’: The Designed Landscapes of Studley Royal

Mark Newman, Territory Archaeologist North, National Trust

Winter 2008–9

Saturday 11 October

A Different Kind of Planting: Sculpture and Monuments in the Gardens at Castle Howard

Dr Christopher Ridgway, Curator, Castle Howard

Saturday 8 November

Chinoiserie Silver in England 1660 to 1830

James Lomax, Curator, Temple Newsam House

Saturday 6 December (following the Annual General Meeting)

Gainsborough and Yorkshire

Hugh Belsey, Senior Research Fellow, Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, London

Saturday 10 January

From York to Westminster: The Dilemma of Palladian Public Architecture

Dr Frank Salmon, Lecturer in History of Art, Department of History of Art, University of Cambridge

Saturday 14 February

The Growth of Resort Towns in Yorkshire

Dr George Sheeran, University of Bradford

Saturday 14 March

The Creation and Restoration of the Georgian Landscape Garden at Wentworth Castle

Dr Patrick Eyres, Editor and Publisher of the New Arcadian Journal, and Wentworth Castle Trustee

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